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Bushido code

bushido code

It was a time of carnage and darkness: the Age of Wars, when the land was torn by bloodshed and the only law was the law of the sword. Bushido is a Japanese term describing a codified samurai way of life, loosely analogous to the Bushidō, then, is the code of moral principles which the samurai were required or instructed to observe More frequently it is a code unuttered. Unter Bushidō (jap. 武士道, wörtlich „Weg (dō) des Kriegers (Bushi)“), eingedeutscht Buschido, versteht man heute den Verhaltenskodex und die Philosophie  ‎ Etymologie und · ‎ Verhaltenskodex und · ‎ Bushidō heute.


Top 10 Ways Your IMAGE of the SAMURAI is WRONG Testing for Aikido Kinokawa. As early as the 8th century, military men were writing books about the use and the perfection of the sword. They do not have to 'give their word'. Bushido teaches that men should behave according to an absolute moral standard, one that transcends logic. Claude Auchinleck holds up a sword captured in battle during World War II. Occupation of bushido code

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